Saturday, January 26, 2008

I love Toyota motors!!!

Last year when i wished to buy a car, i went to my friends house in order to get a good suggestion about my dream.Arif was luckly found at his home and he suggested me to go for a zero meter car.Although he mentoned that it will cost more but only once means it will be a one time payment while buying a used car will make more problems for me.He told me that a used car is good but it will not be your car then it will always remain in work shop.I said yes i will try to buy a new car but then i asked him that which car would be more better for me since i was a single person and i could hardly need an Aulto.So he suggested me to visit few bargains and show rooms and meet some more experienced people. San Diego Toyota Dealers, were looking more better then others for me, so i decied to get a final suggeston from them.
Although i was also having some information abaout cars but not more as my friend Arif could.Therefore i went on my friends suggestion to the Toyota show room dealer.Since i was already known that Toyota cars can be proved more better then any else therefore San Diego Toyota Dealers, were my ideals for my suggestion and dealing purpose.I went there and mentioned my whole story in front of them.They suggested me to have a zero meter car and then i will remain satisfied from it for few years.Since i was also looking at my budget therefore i was not much interested in zero meter car.So decided to take some oan from my friend Arif and then wil buy a zero meter car.I called my frien Arif and he said “yes”, you buy it i wil give you a loan.I got happy and i bought an Aulto car from there.And now i am very much satisfied with what i did.

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