Monday, January 28, 2008

World’s Cheapest Car - Tata Nano !!

tata nano

Tata Motors from India has launched the world’s cheapest car today in the Asia’s biggest Autoexpo going on in Delhi city named TATA NANO

Some of the salient features of the car are :
- 634 cc Engine
- 4 Gears
- 5 seat capacity
- Engine on backside and luggage space in front.
- 3 color variants now. 1 classic model and 2 deluxe models
- Cost around 2500$ - thats 1 lakh Indian rupees
- Upto 70 kmph speed
- Around 20km/liter mileage.
- Cool, sexy interior and exterior
- Petrol model. Diesel model will be coming to.
The car will be available for booking within few months. I am sure there will be lot of advanced booking. I must say, it will rock the Indian Roads.

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