Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Future of Green-Car Technology


With the world’s problem with global warming, it is nothing but practical to produce vehicles that would not emit harmful gases that would make the problem even worse.
Different auto companies are now dealing with this problem by creating their own versions of green cars that would eliminate the production of these harmful gases. Some use hydrogen, Mercedes Benz is now selling hydrogen-powered cars in the United States and Europe. The problem with this though is with the refueling. Mercedes Benz has only a few refueling stations and promises to add more in the future. Honda had also developed their own versions of hydrogen-powered cars and so does Toyota.
Hydrogen cars are said to be the future vehicles. When the demand increases, hopefully the price tags on these green cars would decrease and additional refueling stations would make it convenient for the owners of such cars.
Hydrogen-powered cars would not be available in 3 to 10 years as its technology needs a bit more refinement to drop the prices that would be well accepted by the customers. As we all know, it is not that easy to switch from one technology to the other but in time, because of the need to do so, the world would be populated with these green cars.

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