Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 Nissan Armada

The 2008 Nissan Armada is a very fine car, that most of the user think. This is the car about people think that it has no problem, a proven engine and chassis it might come across as merely a minor restyle, but with an essentially new interior and a lot of fine-tuning behind the scenes, it's a major advancement.This car is looks very dashy and beautiful.

While fuel prices and environmental concerns have tempered the full-size SUV market, there remains a need for seven-or-eight seat vehicles with room for some cargo that have the ability to tow sizable trailers, reach remote destinations, or both, and that's what the Armada is for. Nissan Armada is rated to tow a 9,000-pound trailer.The Armada is spacious enough to seat adults in the third row and with up to five individually folding seats allows a variety of configurations balancing people and package needs.

It possess a competitive, healthy V8 engine and five-speed automatic designed for serious work yet tamed to smoothness and background, and independent suspension all around capable of delivering a good ride, Nissan Armada is equal on every type of tracks. It's very smooth, accurate response, and durability off the highway. This is genuine 4WD in the vein of Land Cruisers and Monteros, not merely an all-wheel-drive system for inclement weather.

Nissan Armada offers a host of goodies to keep everyone happy, including three air-conditioning zones and it's audio system delivers the sound from two ways, through speakers and headphones.

This is a good vehicle if you need it. If you don't tow much or need the larger third-row seats, there are alternatives. With a set of four winter tires and 4WD, an Armada can go places that you never expected from any other car. Drive it and you'll discover a level of quiet strength and refinement you haven't experienced in a Nissan truck, and see what we mean when a model year refresh can be better than new.

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