Sunday, October 14, 2007

Toyota corolla......Master piece from Toyota

The 2008 Toyota Corolla can be seen already in the latest Japanese Toyota Corolla, introduced in October 2006. The new 2008 Corolla sedan, now called Corolla Axio, and the new wagon, Corolla Fielder, are the tenth generation. The American versions are expected to look more like the American Camry up front, with the protruding Camry nose, with a current-generation rear clip.

Toyota intends to sell 6,000 of each of the two models each month in Japan. They will be/were launched on October 14 and 15 and will be built in separate plants. A 1.5 liter engine will be available, with a five-speed manual transmission or the CVT; the 1.8 will only be available with CVT. Four wheel drive is available with both engines and CVT (not with five-speed.)

The American version of the Corolla, to be built in the usual North American plants, will be delayed around March 2008, in order to shake out any bugs for the world’s largest auto market, and probably to allow for factory upgrades and various Americanizing touches. (Past American Corollas have undergone considerable suspension and engine tuning along with the usual regulatory compliance measures which affect headlights, child seat anchors, and other systems.)

In other parts of the world, the Corolla may be sold as the Auris; or Toyota may take advantage of the “world’s favorite car” status and move it to the Corolla name.
Key Features of Toyota Corolla:-

The new Corolla models feature a new 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine and Super CVT-i (Super Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) transmission developed as the main powertrain for compact and medium-class vehicles.

A newly developed 1.8-liter 2ZR-FE engine adopts Dual VVT-i (Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent) that optimizes both intake and exhaust to achieve smooth and powerful acceleration, while offering fuel efficiency and environmental performance at class-leading levels.

Both the 1.8-liter and 1.5-liter engines are combined with a newly developed Super CVT-i transmission for smooth cruising and linear acceleration without shift shock, as well as for a quiet ride and improved fuel efficiency.

The new Corolla has a light-weight, high-rigidity body that seeks both a quiet cabin and superior aerodynamic properties; it uses an advanced chassis to achieve performance that makes it truly possible to experience the joy of driving.

Key components of the front and rear suspensions have been tuned to provide brisk maneuvering and cruising stability, as well as a comfortable ride.

Americans will probably only see the 1.8 liter engine.

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